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Dristi Ganesh

Power of Dristi Ganesh


Sri Shubha Drishti Ganapathy

Dristi Ganesh

Power of Dristi Ganesh:
In this busy life, problems are growing faster than the technology. Everyone have problem one or the other. The only way to solve the problem of all busy people is by channelizing their thought in the right direction. This is only possible when you are surrounded by positive energy and negative force is in control.Today science also accepts existence of negative energy or evil power which affects the human life.
From Vedic age to the present times there are 32 different forms of Ganesh. Dristi Ganesh is a powerful divine form. The word ‘Drishti’ means sight or what one sees. A natural or casual look at anything is harmless but it is undeniable that the shafts of sight tinged with the element of jealousy have power of destroying anything. This kind of evil look is what is called as Drishti (evil-eye).
It is believed that this Drasti Ganesh has helped many people to bring positive energy to their home by absorbing negative effects. Drishti Ganesh may be put up on the south wall facing the North preferably however, there is no harm in keeping any other place of convenience. It’s also advised to use in the place of work or shop , business and factory premises where you spend most of your time. Worship of this Lord in your place will ward off evil influences and bring happiness and prosperity


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